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CIT International Welcomes Two New Members
to the Board of Directors


                        Habsi W Kaba-Florida                     Carol Speed-Oregon   

CIT International is excited to announce the appointment of two new Board Members, Habsi Kaba of Florida and Carol Speed of Oregon. These two new directors bring forth energy, talent and expertise to the working board of CIT International.

The Board is working hard to extend its reach and include engaging community leaders that support its vision and mission while maintaining an equal representation of community size and partnerships.

Habsi and Carol join the existing 14 directors: Major Sam Cochran (Co-Chair), Dr. Randy Dupont (Co-Chair), Tom Von Hemert (President), Dr. Don Kamin (1st Vice President), Ron Bruno (2nd Vice President), Dr. Amy Watson (Treasurer), Pat Strode (Secretary), Officer Kurt Gawrish, Steve Micco, Major Darren Ivey, Dr. Dara Rampersad, Retired Sergeant John Wallschlaeger, Detective Sabrina Taylor and Captain Wade Borchers to complete the 2019 Board of Directors.

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