CIT International

Steve Miccio

Board Member - New York

Steve is the CEO of Projects to Empower and Organize the Psychiatrically Labeled, Inc. (PEOPLe, Inc.) located in Poughkeepsie, NY. PEOPLe, Inc. is a peer operated advocacy and service organization serving people throughout New York State. Steve is a person with lived experience which has helped provide him with valuable insight in becoming one of the nation’s foremost experts in establishing and managing peer operated crisis diversion/respite services and has assisted in the creation of peer services in NY and across the United States and Europe. Steve is a Subject Matter expert for Bringing Recovery Supports to Scale (BRSS TACS) Policy Academy.

Steve currently chairs a county wide Diversion committee in Dutchess County, NY and was involved heavily with the Dutchess County government and local provider community and criminal justice council in developing, planning and implementing the opening of the first Crisis Stabilization Center in New York. Steve directs the delivery of Crisis Intervention Team training to all Police departments in Dutchess County. Steve sits on the Executive Criminal Justice Council and has been involved with the Special Populations Committee in designing Dialectical Behavior Treatments in the County Jail in order to reduce crimonegenic thinking and recidivism  and improve overall behavioral health.

Steve is co-founder of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention Hudson Valley Chapter, past co-chair and current executive board member of New York Association of Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services (NYAPRS). Steve is the New York State Chapter Representative and Vice Chair of the Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association (PRA), Steve is a board member of 2-1-1 policy board of Hudson Valley and subject matter expert for the Re-entry Policy Academy headed by the GAINS Center and Policy research Associates.

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