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Advanced/In-Service training for CIT trained first responders is an important Core Elementof a vibrant and sustainable CIT program. Advanced/In-Service training should be provided at least every two years and ideally annually, post 40 hours of CIT training. In-service training advances knowledge and skills related to recognizing and responding to mental illness, addictions, and other vulnerable populations with whom CIT officers regularly interact.

Other specialized law enforcement teams have regularly scheduled trainings; CIT programs should be treated similarly. CIT in-service training also offers an opportunity to reinforce and strengthen the partnerships (between law enforcement, service providers and advocates) that are an integral part of CIT programs.

Many communities have either overlooked this core element, lack the resources to provide in-service training or do so on a very infrequent basis.

CIT International completed a project to pilot a framework/model of delivering Advanced/In-service training.  To read more about this pilot project please CLICK HERE

To View the PowerPoint Presentation presented at the 2018 CIT International Conference click 4 City In-service Pilot_Final 2018.pptx

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