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Police Conceptions of Mental Illness: Labels, Causes, Dangerousness, and Social Distance

Kent State Research Briefing 5

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Critical Elements of the Crisis Intervention Team Model of Jail Diversion: An Expert Survey

Alan B. McGuire, Ph.D. and Gary R. Bond, Ph.D.

The aim of this study was to assess the degree to which experts agreement on the importance and perceived implementation of the critical elements of CIT.

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Improving police response to persons with mental illness: A multi-level conceptualization of CIT

A review of the literature on CIT, outlining community level factors likely to influence implementation and effectiveness of CIT

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Police Perspectives on Responding to Mentally Ill People in Crisis: Perceptions of Program Effectiveness

Randy Borum, Psy.D.*, Martha Williams Deane, M.A., Henry J. Steadman, Ph.D.,and Joseph Morrissey, Ph.D.

 ..."Calls involving mentally ill people in crisis appear to be frequent and are perceived by most of the officers to pose a significant problem for the department; however, most officers reported feeling well prepared to handle these calls. Generally, officers from the jurisdiction with a specialized team of officers rated their program as being highly effective in meeting the needs of mentally ill people in crisis, keeping mentally ill people out of jail, minimizing the amount of time officers spend on these calls, and maintaining community safety..."

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