Origin of the International CIT Logo

The Silver Ribbon that makes up the “I” in CIT represents the ribbons we so often see for Awareness. The Silver Ribbon trademark is owned by NARSAD Artworks, and in their literature, they represent the ribbon as (1) showing you care about someone with a brain disorder; (2) helping break down barriers to treatment and support; (3) helping eliminate the stigma against those who suffer; and (4) to show you believe there is hope through education and research.

The Silver ribbon is outlined in Navy Blue to indicate “the thin blue line” of law enforcement officers that are entrusted to protect and serve those persons that so desperately need our help and understanding.

The color purple is featured as this is the color of the Iris, the flower that symbolizes hope for people with mental illness. The purple Iris was featured in many paintings of Vincent Van Gogh during his struggles with mental illness.

The words “Crisis Intervention Team” which circles the outer ring of the logo is in honor of the Memphis Police Department that developed, initiated, and spread this specialized community-oriented program that not only improves the lives of mentally ill persons and their families, but law enforcement officers as well.

And now that CIT has spread to other countries throughout the world the word “International” seems to be appropriate.

Logo trademarked and registered by CITI 2017

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