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The Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Program is a model community initiative that emerged in Memphis, Tennessee that seeks to bridge the gap between police officers and the mental health system. The model is designed to create partnerships between law enforcement, behavioral health professionals, service recipients and their families. CIT helps to provide a forum for effective community problem solving and communication. Research also shows that communities that prescribe to the CIT Program model, have higher success rates in resolving explosive crisis situations.

In order to start an effective CIT Program, an understanding of the guiding principles and elements is needed. A strong CIT Program is more than just a training curriculum and the materials below have been created to help provide a strong foundation for understanding the CIT model.  



1. PDF Link for One Page Overview of CIT

2. PDF Link for “What is CIT

3. PDF Link for “CIT Broader Overview

4. PDF Link for “Core Elements of CIT

5. PDF Link for “5 Legs of the Stool

Once the foundation for understanding the components of an effective CIT Program is built, the specific details for how to start a CIT Program in your community can be explored. Please click the link below to get the “nuts and bolts” of starting an effective CIT Program.



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