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Membership Benefits

The Value of Joining CIT International

  • CIT International is the only organization dedicated exclusively to the CIT program.
  • CIT International is committed to the belief CIT is the most effective, efficient, and successful jail diversion program.  
  • CIT International fights to advance CIT programs worldwide.
  • CIT International Membership makes you a participating partner on the Team!    
  • CIT International Membership is not only about the benefits received.  It is also about your ideas, input, and involvement you bring to the organization.
  • CIT International Membership provides an intangible value of being a significant part of a worthwhile international movement.  

The Benefits of Joining CIT International

  • Become a partner in an international movement to improve: the effectiveness of law enforcement, the lives of persons coping with mental illness, and the services of mental health providers  
  • Receive an individually numbered membership card
  • Receive the quarterly newsletter, The Team
  • Receive discounted registration for CIT International sponsored conferences
  • Receive advice and support on issues facing your local CIT program
  • Gain access to member-specific website information at:
  • Gain opportunity to network with other CIT International members around the globe
  • Participate in the CIT International awards program

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