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Crisis Intervention Team Core Elements

Crisis Intervention Team Core Elements


CIT Model Core Elements:

The Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) is an innovative first-responder model of police-based crisis intervention with community, health care, and advocacy partnerships. The CIT Model was first developed in Memphis and has spread throughout the country. It is known as the “Memphis Model.” CIT provides law enforcement-based crisis intervention training for assisting those individuals with a mental illness, and improves the safety of patrol officers, consumers, family members, and citizens within the community. CIT is a program that provides the foundation necessary to promote community and statewide solutions to assist individuals with a mental illness. The CIT Model reduces both stigma and the need for further involvement with the criminal justice system. CIT provides a forum for effective problem solving regarding the interaction between the criminal justice and mental health care system and creates the context for sustainable change. Basic Goals: Improve Officer and Consumer Safety Redirect Individuals with Mental Illness from the Judicial System to the Health Care System.

In order for a CIT program to be successful, several critical core elements should be present. These elements are central to the success of the program’s goals. The following outlines these core elements and details the necessary components underlying each element.                         click link to read more

Crisis Intervention Team Core Elements




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