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CIT International has developed a Certification Course for CIT Coordinators. This is a full day (8 hour) course designed to teach CIT Coordinators about their leadership role and how to be an effective CIT Coordinator utilizing the Memphis Model Core Elements.

CIT Coordinators are the backbone to a successful community CIT program. They bring vision and leadership necessary for a CIT program to grow and be sustained.

Coordinators typically come from Law Enforcement, Mental Health, and Advocacy.

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Quotes from past attendees:

“Very good reminders of the importance of working as a community.”

“Great instruction. Triggered a lot of ideas to make our program successful.”

“Great suggestions on how to begin collecting and charting data from overlapping systems.”

“I wish I had had this training earlier. This was great!”

“This certification course was great and NEEDED!”

“This training was wonderful. I feel more prepared to take our already strong CIT program to a whole new level. Can’t thank you enough for putting this together.”

“I have been to many trainings, this was the most “professional."

The Certified CIT Coordinator Course was developed in 2016 by Suzanne Andriukaitis and Tom von Hemert and contributed to by Mike Woody, Sam Cochran, Ron Bruno, Nick Margiotta, Pat Strode, and Kurt Gawrisch. CIT Researcher Amy Watson, Ph.D. was asked to address the importance of collecting program data and outcome measures.  Developed for persons who are serving as CIT Coordinators, the course focuses on the roles and responsibilities of CIT Coordinators as they develop, deliver, and enhance the CIT Program in their own communities.  Over 80 individuals from Canada and across the United States completed the first course, including a Deputy Chief of Police, behavioral health providers, advocates, and police officers.  Upon completion of the course, participants received a certificate, a lapel pin, and a flash drive containing additional resource materials. 

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