2023 CIT Conference Testimonials

Read what conference participants are saying about the conference!

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“Each session provided specific ideas about how to improve the CIT work I am currently doing as either an instructor or overall team member.”

“This was my first CIT conference and I found it very helpful and relevant.”

“I learned new things to implement in our 40 Hour Training and also ways to enhance our program in the core elements.”

“Expanding on the success of the CIT program that is in place.  The availability of the different tracks allowed for education in different areas”

“I made some great national connections that will serve as great resources as we continue this work.”

“I learned a lot about de-escalation_ surviving secondary trauma_ and about some of the research going on behind the scenes about mental health consumers and the criminal justice system.”

“This conference helped to give tools and additional skill sets to bring to the community and work with individuals in crisis”

"Several updated approaches to CIT and varying ways of explaining core elements of CIT were addressed in these trainings and I look forward to bringing them and possibly the trainers who trained them to my department.”

“I learned valuable ways that CIT work is utilized in other areas that are different than within my county and council. This will help create new ideas of ways to expand our CIT program and utilize it in different areas and ways to reach more individuals in crisis.”

“Anytime you get a chance to learn from other cities/organizations there is an opportunity to take those lessons and apply them to the work you are doing in order to make your program better.”

"I learned more about how to help LGBTQ+ individuals who face many challenges."

“I feel that attending this conference gave me better perspective on CIT overall. I enjoyed hearing experiences and expertise from others working in different areas of the field.”

“Being the regional coordinator and the one who runs CIT in my region this conference has always given me new ways to bring in trainings as well as really enjoyed the certification session I attended”

“New lens, greater appreciation for different facets of CIT”

“Fresh and new ideas!”

“I am a newly certified CIT Coordinator.  This training has given me so many tools to use in our CIT Programs to make them the best they can be.”

“This conference improved my ability as a De-Escalation Instructor"

“It gave me broader more innovative ideas.  It also gave me inspiration and motivation for my program involvement.”  

“It helped see other ways to build partnerships.”

"I learned how to best work with different populations such as those with serious mental illness, those with substance abuse issues, those with intellectual and developmental disabilities and the hearing impaired."

“I can use the lesson learned to help keep my agencies CIT program up-to-date with best practices from across the Nation.”

“Networking and learning with others across the country who are all focused on the end goal to support those in a mental health crisis is a huge asset.”

“Although I have been involved with CIT for a number of years, I gained new knowledge and tips for improving presentations...looking forward to utilizing what I have learned.”

“The networking and sharing of ideas coupled with proven strategies.”

“Strengthening my de-escalation and communication strategies, building a better partnership with our mobile crisis team.”

“Bringing research data to my team to better provide the care my community needs.”

“I came away from the conference motivated to work with the local city council, police department and community members to better serve my community.”

“This program helped me understand CIT basics and law enforcement involvement which will help me when sharing my personal story in the CIT trainings.”

“Hearing all the different ways people handle their program has opened my mind to new ideas.”

“It will impact my CIT work due to all the new strategies and experiences learned throughout the conference.”

“I learned about new programs and also helped network with many others doing similar work in the country."

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